ONEonONE Mayoral Candidate Kobi Dennis

The Beginning of Making Connections  #KobiForMayor #AnchoredToTheCommunity #⚓️ #ProjectNightVision

Kobi Dennis sharing his US Navy experience on Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day Special – Kobi Dennis shares his experience in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Samuel B Roberts FFG-5

ONE on ONE: Mayoral Candidate, Kobi Dennis – Collective Leader

What is collective leadership? “I need YOU now more than ever because as I try to lead this city, I’m going need EVERYONE to understand that leadership is a collective effort. Combined intellect…All of YOU definitely have the intellect and the leadership within you to help me lead this city.” – KD

Kobi Dennis Mayoral Campaign Video

Kobi Dennis has had BIG plans since young. Join him at his campaign fundraisers as he reveals and discusses his plan. #Kobi18 #KobiForMayor