“When I look into the eyes of the kids in my neighborhood I know there’s promise, and I don’t think there are enough people trying to bring out that promise.” – Kobi Dennis

We all know the vital role after school programs can play in the education and development of children – but what happens after after school? Those are the hours that Kobi Dennis and his Project Night Vision are trying to fill. “I named it that because I was letting people know what I can see at night that other people can’t – the problems that go on after four o’clock,” he explains.

It began under the umbrella of the Providence Housing Authority in 2009. “The program’s focus is to empower and educate – but we do it through intramural sports,” he says. This provides a gateway to things like panel discussions on issues affecting the neighborhood, and teaches kids to respect and engage authority figures, like the state troopers and National Guardsman who often volunteer their time.

The program now operates out of Camden Avenue’s Madeline Rogers Recreation Center four nights a week from 5:30-9pm. It has earned the endorsements of the Providence Parks and Recreation Department, the State Police, Providence Police and City Hall, and has expanded to include a Woonsocket chapter.

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