Let me tell you about #providence mayoral candidate – my friend and mentor – Kobi Dennis.

I’ve known Kobi since I was 11 years old, when he was the Director for Camp Davis, a fantastic Boys and Girls Clubs facility that used to be near the Charlestown Town Hall.

Kobi first introduced me to the concept of leadership. When Kobi talked, children and staff alike stopped whatever they were doing to listen. He was tough, he was fair, he set high standards and he expected you to meet them. But most of all, he was kind- always investing 100% of his efforts to making sure the several hundred kids at that camp were safe and having fun.

He probably won’t want me talking about this, but he would strike deals with Hasbro and Nike to get donations for the kids. Considering a majority of the campers at this camp were low-income, inner-city kids, you could imagine the impact of winning “Camper of the Week” and going home with new pair of Air Jordans!

At the beginning of one summer, he gave the staff a pep talk, as 300 children were being let off to buses, and I will never forget it. “Alright, we got a big week ahead of us! You’re going to get kids from troubled homes, kids from abusive homes, some kids from no home at all-some kids from the shelters! And if you think I’m gonna tell you which one’s are which, you’re crazy! Let’s get out there!”

After Camp Davis, Kobi went on to found and Direct over a half-dozen other Nonprofits for the city. Possibly most prominently was his Night Basketball Leagues, in an attempt to keep youth active in the evenings. He’s still heavily involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Providence, as well as the YMCA. Oh yeah, and did I mention he’s a Navy Veteran?

It’s no surprise to me that he’s running for Mayor, but I think he’s about to surprise the entire state on September 12th!

If you’ve read this far, and you’re a resident of Providence, I cannot recommend Kobi Dennis enough! Check out his website, you won’t be dissapointed!

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